Pasta Redo

In 2009, I considered myself extremely healthy; I cooked my own foods, stayed away from processed foods, read labels, exercised, was on track for mammograms, went to the dentist two times a year and more. But, I was 20 pounds overweight- a side effect of menopause. I had it all figured out, or I thought, but I could not shake the extra weight. I even trained for a 10k for a year-was running up to 7 miles two times a week and more miles in between. Not one pound fell off me!

pastaWait, Susan, you just said you were healthy! Right, I thought I was. Although, my diet was “clean” and I moved my body However, I was eating the wrong foods, not eating often enough and my portions were way over the top.

You see I love pasta. Any shape-any way. And I’m not a “meat lover.” My plate often looked like a giant pile of pasta with sauce and maybe a small meatball on top as a “condiment”. I was carb loading and I did it all day. I ate lots of fruits, too. Ha! You know the recommended 5? I ate more than 15 servings – all in the name of HEALTH!

So when my friend asked me to be a Health Coach, I knew I needed to figure out what was going on. Logically, I first became her client and learned that my portions, my proteins, my carbs, my meal spacing wasn’t working for me. Up until age 45, I could get away with it. But like I said, after that the pounds piled on.
I was also exhausted all the time, had to grab a nap at 3pm and couldn’t stay up beyond 9pm.

My coach hung in there with me, and taught me what being healthy really meant.  I learned to eat small high protein meals throughout the day, what a portion size really was: (three lean meatballs with a half cup of pasta- exactly the opposite of what I was doing), some fruit but not all day, all the time. I also learned to identify my triggers and plan for them- you know the movies, watching TV at night, skipping a meal and feeling like I wanted to eat my arm and of course when I was having a bad day and turned to food.

Remember the journey? The new habits I learned helped me lose the 20 pounds and keep it off for over 3 years. I am trying new forms of exercise and my new career as a Certified Health Coach keeps me walking my talk. It’s a journey. Am I perfect- Nah! But every day I am more conscious of taking care of me.

If you’d like to discover how to RE-DO your relationship with food- here are a few ways:

  • Attend my Optimal Health Event. May 18, 2013, Hampton Inn, Groton, CT 9:00am-noon
  • Visit my website:
  • and/or email me:



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